Some Additional Selections at Tra di Noi To Indulge In

Another antipasti that is worth a try is Melanzane Zucchini Parmigiana which goes for $15.50 and comprises Zucchini and baked eggplants layered with parmesan cheese, basil, and mozzarella in tomato sauce. If you are seeking a seafood selection then the Aragosta Gamberi Legumi is a perfect choice. This option features a lobster and shrimp sauteed with white bean ragout and lentils. The Fiori Zucca Ripieni goes for $15 and features pan-fried zucchini blossoms with fresh herbs and ricotta cheese stuffing served with marinara sauce. Another delightful antipasti is the Crudo Tonno which goes for $16.50 and features yellowfin tuna carpaccio, arugula, tomatoes, celery, capers, chopped olives, and lemon dressing.

Although Tra Di Noi has a wonderful selection of Italian-inspired dishes, what you really should not leave the door without tasting is the pasta. After all, what is an Italian experience without a touch of pasta? People love Tra Di Noi because of the different assortments they offer. A wide variety of pasta gives you the opportunity to experiment to discover which pasta selection you like best, and also to taste something different every day if only for the adventure.

One of the most delightful pasta selections at Tra Di Noi is the Tonnarelli Al Filetto Di Pomodoro. This selection goes for $19.50 and comprises homemade spaghetti with olive oil, fresh tomatoes, and basil. The Spaghetti Della Nonna goes for $20 and features spaghetti pasta sauteed with sheep milk cheese, pine-nuts, arugula, and Italian cherry tomatoes. Another delightful pasta selection is the Spaghetti Carbonara which goes for $18 and comprises spaghetti pasta with parmesan cheese sauce and crispy bacon.

The Fusilli Molisani features a wonderful selection of spiral pasta, black truffle sauce, dried ricotta cheese, mushrooms, artichokes, and wilted leeks. The Ravioli Rosa goes for $20 and features homemade ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese in a pink sauce. A wonderful selection for seafood enthusiasts is Fettuccine All’aragosta which goes for $26 and features half Maine lobster sauteed with zucchini, garlic, white wine sauce, fresh tomato, and rock shrimps.

Tra Di Noi also offers a wide selection of reasonably priced insalates. For example, the Siciliana goes for $15 and features shaved fennel, lemon olive oil, goat cheese, pistachio crust, sliced orange, and arugula. The Rugula E Carciofi goes for $16.50 and comprises parmesan cheese and shaved fresh artichokes over lemon dressing and arugula salad. The Burrata E Pomodori offers an equally exciting adventure and features creamy mozzarella cheese over lemon oregano dressing, seasonal organic tomatoes, and baby mixed greens. The Duchessa also goes for $15 and features organic roasted yellow and red beets, house dressing, goat cheese, avocado, asparagus, and tomatoes. The Spinaci features baby spinach, house dressing, dried blueberries, dates, black figs, and gorgonzola cheese. The Cesare is the last item on the list of insalates, and also the least priced. It goes for $11.95 and features crispy romaine hearts, house dressing, and shaved parmesan cheese.

All in all, Tra Di Noi is a great place to visit if you are seeking to explore Italian-style dishes. The variety of dishes featured on the menu allows you to experiment with different items to discover which one you love best. A lot of detail goes into the preparation of the meals ensuring that the meal served brims of Italian culinary excellence. Tra Di Noi is ideal for dates with your significant other and meeting up with family and friends. The staff is very friendly and are willing to help out with any service you might need. The atmosphere is very friendly, making it a delightful spot to enjoy your free time over a delicious meal.